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ESAFF Uganda developed KilimoMart platform to address thecurrent market challenges, empower small-scale organic farmers especially womenand enhance their competitiveness in the digital age. KilimoMart operates underAccess to Favorable Markets a pillar of the Agroecology Business Hub Hosted byESAFF Uganda. The platform enables farmers to have control over the value chainfrom production to market, allows interaction between consumers and small-scalefarmers through provision of a convenient channel where farmers market their productsdirectly, bypassing intermediaries hence securing fairer prices for their products.The name KilimoMart stands for Agriculture (Kilimo) Market (Mart) and can beaccessed on Web-based systems for products ranging from raw to processed. We are grateful for the financial support from IIDEA GIZ and Oxfam.

KilimoMart is focused on bridging the gap between consumersand small-scale organic farmers, fostering a sustainable and equitablemarketplace. Through transparent supply chains and fair trade practices, we aimat cultivating a community where consumers can make informed choices about thefood they eat while championing the livelihoods of small-scale farmers. Byprioritizing organic integrity, promoting biodiversity, and minimizing carbonfootprints, we aspire to create a holistic shopping experience that not onlynourishes the body but also nurtures the ecosystem.

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"I can't imagine going back to conventional products after experiencing the difference that these organic offerings bring to my table. It's not just about what I eat; it's about the story behind each scoop of these products and that's something truly priceless."

Nakitende Olivia
Social Worker


Plot 266, Muvule Avenue, Buye – Ntinda, Kampala

Phone: +256-742-785443


KilimoMart Headquarters